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Christmas 2006 (1/07)

Basketballs bounce in Xi'an

Zhangye, a deeper look (7/06)

China comes to Virginia (7/06)

Winter Conference 

Happy Birthday, Amity, 
Part 1

Part 2 (11/05)

Bringing Sunshine,
Part 1

Part 2 (10/05)

Summer 2005: (7/05)

Needed: China volunteers

Bluefield College in China

Lantern Festival (2/05)

Village of God (2/05)

Summer 2004:

FBC Richmond (5/20)

Opposites attract (5/26)

Mission Impossible (5/24)

Rules for a new mother (10/24)

Brocade Museum (10/24)

Barbara Diggs at NIM (4/4)

Fujian Earthen Houses (2/14)

Zhangzhou Puppets (2/14)

Merry Christmas

JIE's 50th Anniversary

Oral English Competition

Sam's Page

Virginia Baptists arrive for 2002 SEP, Shanghai - Nanjing

Part 2: in Jining, the program begins

Inner Mongolia's grasslands

Baotou and Wudang Temple

Abby and Sarah in Xi'an

Discovering the Nestorian Pagoda

Eating Zongzi June, 2002

Mary Washington comes to China, Part 1
Part 2 May/June 2002

Xi'an May 2002
Terracotta soldiers
   The Nestorian tablet





China volunteers have more fun

To be a volunteer in China requires a willing heart, a sense of adventure, an openness to learn as well as to teach. Well, okay, there are a few restrictions and requirements, and it isn't free, but first consider if God may be leading you to volunteer in China. If so, check out the opportunities listed below; see what others have experienced by clicking on the links in this website and learn more about Amity by going to their website, indicated by underlined words. If you want more information, write to:


Are these people in an oral English class or are they having fun? Both. Learning takes place in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and encouragement. The Amity Summer English Program (SEP) is a four-week, intensive oral English program conducted in college settings throughout central and western China. Teams of volunteers, usually four per team, are assigned their location, which has been arranged by local and provincial education bureaus. The students in these programs are Chinese English teachers. The volunteers need not speak Chinese and do not teach English; they provide opportunities for Chinese to speak English with the volunteers and with their peers.

In this website, to learn more, click on: Summmer 2004, Nanjing, Lanzhou, Qujing, and Virginia Baptists arrive for 2002 SEP, Shanghai-Nanjing, and Part 2, in Jining

For detailed information on Amity's Summer English Program, go to their website, www.amityfoundation.org Or, the following link will take you directly to the page on the SEP for 2005.


College students are needed to spend three weeks in Summer 2005 in Xi'an, ancient/modern city of the terracotta soldiers, working with the Xi'an YMCA in English activity classes for Chinese children and youth. Dates are July 20-August 13, excluding travel time. The American students should be mature Christians, preferably having completed at least their sophomore year in college.

To see photos from previous years, check out, in this website, Summer 2004, Xi'an YMCA, and Abby and Sarah in Xi'an, and more about Xi'an in the box marked Xi'an.

Not your father's tour of China! Join others on adventurous, unforgettable tours of China's interior, yet untouched by the rapid development of Shanghai and Beijing and eastern China, for Amity's 20th anniversary tour of one of five different provinces visiting Amity projects and local churches, then travel to Nanjing for three days of conferences, learning more about social development in China.

Learn more by going to Amity's website, www.amityfoundation.org or go directly to the information page on the 20th anniversary: