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Christmas 2006 (1/07)

Basketballs bounce in Xi'an

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China comes to Virginia (7/06)

Winter Conference 

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Eating Zongzi June, 2002

Mary Washington comes to China, Part 1
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Xi'an May 2002
Terracotta soldiers
   The Nestorian tablet





China comes to Virginia

The China Christian Council first conceived of a Bible exhibition in 2004, coinciding with the Baptist World Alliance's youth conference in Hong Kong, to show the world the great heritage of Chinese Christians in the development of the Bible through the years, its current vibrant state, and to display various ways in which the arts have been informed and inspired by Scripture. That event was so successful, they soon began planning for a touring exhibit for the U.S. This series of exhibitions was held over a period of two months, beginning in Los Angeles, then in Atlanta, and finally, in New York City. In between the Atlanta and New York exhibitions, the Baptist General Association of Virginia hosted the CCC delegation for a week of relaxation and sightseeing.

Jerry Jones, group leader of the glocal missions team, headed the planning, but many staff members, churches, and volunteers helped to make the visit of the Chinese memorable.

Activities included a tour of Richmond, visits to museums, tours of Jamestown and Williamsburg, a reception at the Virginia Baptist Resource Center and introduction to the work of the VBMB, and a couple of days in northern Virginia and Washington DC.

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The group was in Richmond over a Sunday and were split up among several churches, to bring greetings, to preach, and to provide special music. The delegation consisted of CCC executives, including Rev. Cao Shengjie, president of the CCC, Ms Chen Meilin, executive associate general secretary of the CCC, overseas relations staff, a music group from one of China's 55 ethnic minorities, and seminary teachers and graduate students, totally 20-25 persons.

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The friendship between Virginia Baptists and Chinese Christians in recent years began officially in 1997 and has continued from that time, resulting in a deepening understanding of each group for the other. There have been various trips to China of VBMB executives and staff, one trip of two CCC executives and two young pastors to Virginia, and approximately 200 persons engaged in a variety of exchanges, both ways: short-term volunteers, serving as Amity Summer English Program teachers for primary and middle school teachers, conducting English activities with Chinese college students, conducting English activities with children of urban migrant workers, and participating in awareness tours so as to learn from Chinese Christians and of ways to support through prayer and education, and, of course, the more than 20 guests in May-June, 2006. We pray God will continue to lead, guide, and bless this fruitful relationship.