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The Qujing teachers, Penny, Tish, Kim, and Brownie, arrived on site Monday, July 5, but I didn't arrive there until Friday, July 9. I found scenery very similar to, and just opposite from, that of Lanzhou. Yunnan is also a province with a high level of poverty and is very mountainous, but the mountains and fields are lush and green, where the Lanzhou mountains are brown and barren except in the summer when crops do give a scant green cover. When I flew into Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, it was sprinkling rain. I found a driver who would take me to Qujing, about two hours east of the city. By the time we arrived, it was raining steadily, and the temperature was rather chilly. I had not anticipated being cold, and was glad for the loan of a sweater from Tish, who had brought extra.

Classroom bldg 1.JPG (362079 bytes)Outside the window.JPG (444618 bytes)Qujing team.JPG (357421 bytes)

Their program was housed in a primary school (the students were primary school and middle school English teachers; the Amity summer programs are held in a variety of facilities, often in colleges, but sometimes in city schools) and they were having a birthday party when I arrived. Each room had an activity, such as a balloon relay, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, and of course, birthday cake.

Birthday cake.JPG (406500 bytes)Cutting the cake.JPG (325714 bytes)PICT0005.JPG (401787 bytes)
Posing with teacher.JPG (445367 bytes)Mmm good.JPG (439197 bytes)Balloon relay.JPG (449648 bytes)

On Friday night and Saturday morning, we went on a walk around town. Penny had been an Amity summer teacher a few years ago and was very familiar with the streets. The other teachers were more familiar than I was, but we all enjoyed trekking around looking at the shops and the people we saw along the way.

Alley view.JPG (375618 bytes)A new broom sweeps clean.JPG (375987 bytes)Practical goods.JPG (391739 bytes)
A cut of beef.JPG (388420 bytes)Cute kids 1.JPG (368399 bytes)Lush produce.JPG (376587 bytes)
Cakes galore.JPG (358392 bytes)Minority babies.JPG (357076 bytes)Main street.JPG (344172 bytes)
City square.JPG (402503 bytes)Baby shop.JPG (305761 bytes)Daytime square.JPG (357190 bytes)

On Sunday, we walked to church, 15-20 minutes away. Inside the auditorium, there was a large red cross as the central focal point, with a large Chinese character that says, "love," under it. The sermon was based on John 3:16 and included information about AIDS in Yunnan, as well as in China and the world. The churches are being asked to provide AIDS education and also to develop ministries to victims. The pastor stressed that God loves all the world's people.

Q Church 2.JPG (366881 bytes)Love.JPG (413511 bytes)Full service.JPG (413679 bytes)
Choir.JPG (445025 bytes)Worship.JPG (366273 bytes)Greetings.JPG (454915 bytes)
Chalk art, Easter.JPG (366536 bytes)Group at church.JPG (396403 bytes)Lynn at church in Q.JPG (362620 bytes)

After church, we walked home by way of one of several superstores in the city. The streets of Qujing are a mixture of very modern and very small town traditional China. It's a fascinating contrast.

Hanging geese.JPG (371197 bytes)Waiting for business.JPG (335375 bytes)Choose your pepper.JPG (393377 bytes)

On Monday, it was classes as usual. Some teachers from the city were attending a conference at the school complex where our teachers were conducting the Amity program, so they were able to chat with some of those teachers on the way to classes. In the regular teaching program, the students rotate among the American teachers, according to a rotation plan, so that each student experiences a variety of teaching methods and hear different speaking styles.

Visiting teachers.JPG (450994 bytes)Brownie 1.JPG (452566 bytes)PICT0006.JPG (449648 bytes)
Group discussion.JPG (453328 bytes)Attractive rooms.JPG (434951 bytes)Penny 1.JPG (434229 bytes)
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Kim 2.JPG (449415 bytes)Word Bingo.JPG (453879 bytes)PICT0024.JPG (459724 bytes)

Over the rest of their teaching time, in addition to classroom activities, morning and afternoon, there were evening outings with students and weekend adventures to various scenic spots in Yunnan.

Trip to the countryside

On Sunday afternoon of my visit, I arranged for a taxi driver to take me for a drive in the countryside surrounding Qujing. It was a beautiful, lush green, though it was clear that most of the people lived at a low economic level.

Green.JPG (389653 bytes)Typical village.JPG (363920 bytes)Cute kids 3.JPG (385690 bytes)
Cute kids 4.JPG (418960 bytes)Tobacco.JPG (396504 bytes)Watching the buffalo.JPG (437210 bytes)