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Christmas 2006 (1/07)

Basketballs bounce in Xi'an

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Winter Conference 

Happy Birthday, Amity, 
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Part 2 (11/05)

Bringing Sunshine,
Part 1

Part 2 (10/05)

Summer 2005: (7/05)

Needed: China volunteers

Bluefield College in China

Lantern Festival (2/05)

Village of God (2/05)

Summer 2004:

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Virginia Baptists arrive for 2002 SEP, Shanghai - Nanjing

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Inner Mongolia's grasslands

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Eating Zongzi June, 2002

Mary Washington comes to China, Part 1
Part 2 May/June 2002

Xi'an May 2002
Terracotta soldiers
   The Nestorian tablet





Bringing sunshine into children's lives
Part 2

The second school occupied the second floor of a factory that made electrical equipment. Their workers had come to Nanjing from rural areas seeking a better life, and their children attended this school. The headmaster was a kindhearted man who demanded strict discipline. The opening activities included performances by the children. The older children gave a demonstration of a traditional form of Chinese martial arts, using folding fans that, when opened on cue, give out a sharp report.

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After Wednesday afternoon, the group taught at the factory school on Thursday and Friday mornings. The group's main purpose for coming to China was to work in the migrant schools, but they did provide opportunities for Chinese college and seminary students to enjoy dialogue and culture exchange, at Lynn's school and at the seminary.

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In addition to these activities, the group visited the Amity Printing Company, where more than 30 million Bibles have been printed in the past 20 years, and visited Amity Foundation offices for fellowship and orientation. The Virginians left Nanjing on October 22 for further sightseeing in China, having given great joy to a large number of people, children and college students.