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Christmas 2006 (1/07)

Basketballs bounce in Xi'an

Zhangye, a deeper look (7/06)

China comes to Virginia (7/06)

Winter Conference 

Happy Birthday, Amity, 
Part 1

Part 2 (11/05)

Bringing Sunshine,
Part 1

Part 2 (10/05)

Summer 2005: (7/05)

Needed: China volunteers

Bluefield College in China

Lantern Festival (2/05)

Village of God (2/05)

Summer 2004:

FBC Richmond (5/20)

Opposites attract (5/26)

Mission Impossible (5/24)

Rules for a new mother (10/24)

Brocade Museum (10/24)

Barbara Diggs at NIM (4/4)

Fujian Earthen Houses (2/14)

Zhangzhou Puppets (2/14)

Merry Christmas

JIE's 50th Anniversary

Oral English Competition

Sam's Page

Virginia Baptists arrive for 2002 SEP, Shanghai - Nanjing

Part 2: in Jining, the program begins

Inner Mongolia's grasslands

Baotou and Wudang Temple

Abby and Sarah in Xi'an

Discovering the Nestorian Pagoda

Eating Zongzi June, 2002

Mary Washington comes to China, Part 1
Part 2 May/June 2002

Xi'an May 2002
Terracotta soldiers
   The Nestorian tablet








Lynn's Update Archives: Because of changes in technology and developments in communication tools, it is no longer feasible or necessary to continue to update this website. But, the photos and copy still have value for people who want to know more about life in China and ways volunteers can serve.  In many cases, to update it would be redundant..

For more recent photos, please go to http://chinascenes.shutterfly.com/

In these archives, you will find photos and text of several major kinds of volunteer activities in which I have been involved: Amity Foundation's Summer English Program, schools for children of migrant workers, and campus dialogues. If you are considering any of these activities, there are reports from several different groups.

Also, there are some pages dealing with Chinese culture that are still applicable; Chinese culture doesn't change very rapidly. I am grateful to Amity Foundation for the privilege of visiting a number of mountain villages in which I was very moved by the hospitality of the villagers and intrigued by their customs. Many of these are depicted among these pages. Thank you for your interest over these years; I pray that exchanges between Americans and Chinese will increase and enrich the lives of people from both cultures.